My sketches 08

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This sketch is a platform by the lake near to the Summer cottage. I have to admit, sketching lake water is not an easy job. More

My sketches 07

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I have a few days vacation at a Summer cottage in Karjaa together with friends. My vacation was great and relaxing. This sketch is the conifer forest at the entrance of Summer cottage. More

My sketches 06

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This is my first attempt to sketch pine (Scots pine) trees in front of our apartment. To draw the pine needles is a bit challenge, there are room for improvement. More

My sketches 05

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I’m a scientist (trying hard to be a bioinformatician now), I do science. This sketch is about piece of equipment, Thermo Scientific centrifuge in my laboratory. More

My sketches 04

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This sketch was inspired by the hot air balloon while I was waiting for bus home. However, in my opinion this sketch was bit out of focus, a lesson learned and moved on. More

My sketches 02

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Second sketch I did was about Viikki Arboretum in early spring of the year 2010. We have a BBQ together with friends there, however, the weather was still cool and windy.

The media of the sketch is pencil and little bit of charcoal. More

My sketches

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One of my hobbies I picked up during high school time is drawing although I still prefer pottery. I do like sketch as it is least drawing tools I need to carry while travelling.

I started to do more sketch years back. More

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