My sketches 11

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This sketch (pencil + charcoal) was a wood sauna by the lake near. However, it is far away from the summer cottage we stayed. This sketch took me more than 3 hours to finish as I have to review at camera LCD screen all the time. I could rowed a boat to do my sketch but I can’t stop boat keep floating on the lake as there is no anchor I can use. More

My sketches 10

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This sketch (pencil + charcoal) was the view of summer cottage we stayed during our short vacation. I drew it on the platform by the by lake with legs submerged into the lake water. More

My sketches 09

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My last piece of water colour painting was in years ago. This water colour conifer forest was done in sunny afternoon. The conifer forest is next to the Summer cottage. More

My sketches 08

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This sketch is a platform by the lake near to the Summer cottage. I have to admit, sketching lake water is not an easy job. More

My sketches 07

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I have a few days vacation at a Summer cottage in Karjaa together with friends. My vacation was great and relaxing. This sketch is the conifer forest at the entrance of Summer cottage. More

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