This is not a sponsored post entry but merely my experience perhaps could help you.

3M Command adhesive strips

When you rent an apartment or a room, have you ever encountered that you are forbidden to do things as below?

• tenant is forbidden to paint any walls
• tenant is forbidden to screw or nail anything to the walls
• tenant is not allowed to fix or drill anything that penetrates the protective coating on the wall in the toilet and bathroom. [……]

These terms and regulations maybe quite common for rental house or apartment or room. We just moved from Turku county to Helsinki county. Yes, we have same terms and regulations for our newly rented apartment. In this apartment, we are restricted by these terms and regulations.

hooks and holes

However, we are curious, previous tenants seem not care nor worry about these terms and regulations. They left behind many holes and hooks on the walls in living room, bedroom and worst in toilet. Of course, we can ignore these as long as we pay the damage repair later when moving out. But, will you do that? I really believe the invoice will be unbelievable expensive, well, don’t forget the 22% VAT here. More

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