I want to go everywhere yet I know I don’t have the money to do so. So I kept waiting and keep asking people about their travel itenaries. Finally, I give up… waiting! If I want to travel and see the world, I really need to step out of the house.

Based on my friends recommendation, air travel is the best choice. Especially true when budget airlines like Ryanair and Wizzair are having sales; and during airline sale period. How good are the deals? As cheap as €1 per trip, without tax and fuel charges. Unbelievable? I thought so too because yours truly had been waiting and searching for such deals like forever and never came across it… until one day… I came across €5 per trip deal. IT really exists, not a myth and its a nett price. So, its even better than the €0 fare tickets because you still need to pay tax and fuel charges; which often end up costing over €30. So, make sure you surf Ryanair frequently, and don’t just look at the €0 fare tickets. Wizzair often have good deals too but the cheapest I came across is €9.99; its not too bad!

An all time favourite travel method around Europe is Rail. More info from InterRail or Europass website. They have global pass that gives you unlimited travels by rail across 30 countries in Europe. Cost? €599 for a 2nd class adult ticket. Sound like a good deal? It is, ideally! In reality, as advices by my friends and internet comments, its definately much better to wait for airline deals and travel by air. TRUST ME! Although the ticket allows me to travel across 30 countries, I only manage to visit part of Germany, part of Switzerland, part of France, Netherland, Brussel, Barcelona, and Salzburg. One good (or bad) thing is I save some hotel money by sleeping on the train journey.

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