Does this word even exist? Anyway, I have a friend from high school and we shared the same birthdate and birthplace. Actually our birth certificate is just 2 digit difference, so I guess we should be born almost the same time. Can I call him my non-biological twin brother? Class mates used to tease us and say our mothers were probably bed-mates. Its possible because Taiping is pretty small town in Malaysia.

I’m sure everyone has their own ‘twin’ but do you wonder who they are, where they live and what do they do? Well, I (sudddenly) do. I recently join Couch Surfer. Its a community of people that offers accomodation and travel tips to travellers. This is plus-point for travellers, I have friends that saved all accomodation money by couch surfing. In addition to travelling, you will get to met new people. Hopefully I will met many ‘twin’ brothers and sisters. I am eager to see how they turn out. *wink* … I should probably make this my surfing mission! :-P

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