Have you seen Train, a 2008 production about a group of US atletics who hitch a train ride in Eastern Europe but it turned out to be human organ harvesting train. It’s the most gory and violent movie I’ve seem since SAW. This must be a traveller’s nightmare, all the things that could go wrong travelling oversea.

I’ve been to Munich but I spend my days travelling away from Munich visiting other towns. Before I got there, I was super-excited about this place. My image was beautiful medieval castle mets ultra-modern city sky-scrapper. Hey, its so near beautiful Fussen, so you can’t blame me! I wanted to visit Schloss Nymphenburg: the summer residence of Wittelsbach which is known to be a beautiful castle, Marienplatz, and art galleries. Plus this is the town of Octoberfest. When I was in KL, German beer like Paulaner was my favourite and the Curve is the place to be. Yet when I arrived, the ‘feel’ was just not there. I decided to go for a walk at 8pm, and as predicted, all shopping were closed but there were still many people on the streets (young mostly) looking very high and drunk. For the first time in my life, I felt beer really stink! Within 30 mins, I went back to my hostel… more drunk people at the bar! I can’t imagine the situation in October!

I took the brouchures about city tours and popular tours includes Dachau Concentration Camp tour, Third Reich tour and Beer Challenge. The first two are focus about the Nazis: Dachau is the first and model concentration camp while Reich talks about Hitler. Turned out Munich is the ‘Capital of the Movement’ for Hitler and Nazi. Finally I decided I didn’t even want to see Munich at all, I took a tour to Salzburg, Austria. Oh, Beer Challenge takes you bar-hopping to taste different german beers… now I know why there were so many drunks, especially tourist!

However just for your info: There are a few tour agencies that offer free city tour. One such tour agency is Sandemans New Europe Tour. They also operate on other cities, like Paris, Berlin and etc. Remember to look for them, or you can check from their website. Anyway, while the city tour is free and operates daily, other tours are chargeable. The guides are mainly students, so their earnings are the tips received from tourists. I guess they will get commission for chargeable tours.

Munich is pretty ‘chap’ place… I even lost my money in the hostel. Stolen by roommate! So, if you decide to travel stay in hostels, please remember to bring padlocks to lock your things. Some hostels provides lockers in the room and but you need to have a padlock. Padlock rental is also available from reception.

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