I was watching the Master of TaiChi yesterday. Well, its not a new drama, but I thought I should just get it over with and free the disk space. I suddenly remember a conversation I had with this old friend at Baden Baden, Germany.

We were just walking around Steinbach, a small town 5km from Baden Baden, and came to this cemetery. Call me crazy but I seem quite fond of cemeteries lately, I felt its beautiful: with candle-place, flower bushes, lustrous green trees and marble headstones.
Steinbach Cemetary

Anyway, as we were walking I asked my friend what was his ambition. He told me, “when I was a kid, my ambition is to a Dai Hap”. It sort of loosely translates to kungfu master or warlord in English. HAHA, sounds a bit exaggerating. Then, with a sly smile, he admitted that he succeeded.

For a start he is a TaiChi/QiGong Sifu. He does not have a stable and steady job. He travels worldwide to conduct TaiChi/QiGong workshops, travels to various locations to meet, learn and discuss qi-gong and TaiChi with different people. So after watching Master of TaiChi, I sort of felt he was right, and he is doing what he wanted to do all along. Guess we can be what we want if we actually do it, rather than just thinking about it.

Naturally my next question to him was; did he go to kungfu schools to challenge them? [to put in bluntly, ‘Tek koon’] All the while, in my mind i have images of intense fighting with broken furnitures and smashed vases. He laughed at my choice of words. he said, its call exchange/discuss knowledge, not challenge…

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