On Wednesday 22 Nov 2006, I attended Annual Systems Biology Research Program organized by Turku Centre for Biotechnology on Viking Line cruise. This was my second times attended the System Biology Research Program seminar on the cruise. We on board M/S Amorella at Turku harbour. Later, we changed to the other ship, M/S Isabella at Mariehamn harbour, Ã…land and ahead back to Turku harbour. After changed to M/S Isabella, we have Viking buffet there. I have delicious meals ^-^

We have wonderful talks for that day. In that meeting, I understand now why EU not really supports Malaysia to develop BioFuel by using our oil palm biomass. When we use the oil palm biomass to produce BioFuel as energy we still produce a lot of Carbon Dioxide as by product. It just like the petrol we are using now, generate a lot of Carbon Dioxide. EU, US and Japan are working together to develop a technology which generate energy from photosynthesis. MIT already developed a prototype of artificial photosynthesis system. Hopefully this technology will reduce the Green House effect happen now.

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