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We have a field trip to Hilappajärvi Lake at Kustavi, the northern part of the Archipelago of Finland this morning. Leaving from BioCity, Turku and took us about 45-50 minutes drive to arrive the jetty at Kivimaa. The lake is at the other island and the island is connects by a yellow ferry. A couple minutes of waiting, the yellow ferry arrived. Our journey continued when the yellow ferry arrived at the jetty of Vartsala. With my supervisor car GPS help finally we found the lake. One of my colleagues jumped (actually just walk only) into the lake and start hunting for his project’s sample, Lake Quillwort. What we were doing?

We tried our best to spot the sample he looking for on a small jetty on the lake. My supervisor proposed me row a boat to help my colleague. Well, I tried very hard to row the boat (actually I don’t know how to), however, it just went to the left, the right and backward but not forward. Other colleague had to jump on the boat and row it, A bit embarrassing there. We managed to get enough samples (I hope) and we returned to small jetty.

Then, time for photographic I mean my colleague. He took out his camera snapped photos here and there; we became amateur model. Well, I also took some photos. I found my colleagues and my project’s sample (Lichen and Bracken Fern) there too. Of course, I have enough materials to carry on my research (for time being) I just snapped some pictures regarding them.

After that, it was time for lunch. We have our lunch at one of restaurant at Vuosnainen. It was my highlight of the day. This was my first time sit under the sun to have my lunch in my life. I never did this before in Malaysia, I believe you will not also. The food was so nice; I really want to have them several times but my wallet and my stomach can’t afford me to do so. Well, I still have chance to eat a lot of salmon. After lunch we back to Biocity, Turku to store the collected sample. I’m looking for other chance to visit other places of Archipelago of Finland with my girlfriend (I sincerely hope).

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