On 22 Nov 2005, I attended seminar organized by Turku Centre for Biotechnology (the place where I work) on a cruise,Viking Line. This was my first time attended seminar on the cruise. We on board Amorella from Turku harbour to Mariehamn harbour, Ã…land. Then, we changed to the other ship, Isabella at the Mariehamn harbour back to Turku harbour. The whole journey took about 13 hours. When I’m in the auditorium room (Deck 10, the highest level of the ship) I can felt the ship was shaking (correct me if I’m using wrong description) because of the waves……

Most Finns on board because of thetax free alcoholic beverages shopping. You can get those alcoholic drinks with cheapest price. Therefore, there were limitation for alcoholic beverages you can purchase on board. Besides, you are allow to drink red wine and white wine as much as you want in the buffet restaurant (Viking buffet) on board. I have drank couples cup of red and white wine but I’m not drunk. ;)

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