I’m sharing this piece of information with hope if someone able reaches my blog via Google Guru for same problem as mine.

I’m a WordPress user since 2008. However, always have the latest version WordPress installed seems not a very good move. I updated my WordPress to the latest one, WordPress 3.5 via the ePANEL software tool. However, it was a wrong move.

Since that, basic features like “Add Media”, “Add New Category”, “Add links” and so on are not working at all! I spent hours read through solutions like “deactivate all plugins and active them one by one…blah, blah, blah” via Google Guru. However, I have no luck at all. I was really pissed off with that! Seriously, if user have to deactivated all plugins and activate them one by one to check what cause the problem as one of the solutions every times updated to the latest WordPress version, could it really annoying?


I cannot blog for weeks because I cannot find the solution. But, not today, not today.

I found a suggestion in this post entry, Plugin not working with WordPress 3.5 which directed me to this trick on this website, Carnfield: WordPress Fix – Add Media Button Not Working.

Indeed, it works! Thanks for the trick!

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