On the topic of fairytale… I had always love fairytale but I remember a comment made by my friend about fairytales. He said kids should not be exposed to fairytales; it’s horrible, violent and downright bad influence. Imagine:
1) Hansel and Gretel: your mother can tell your father to bring you to forest and throw you away like abandon kittens because she want more things to eat. Well, why can’t she go to the forest and find her own food! Its also ok to push an old lady into hot-burning oven and take over her house.
2) Cinderalla: stepmothers and step-siblings are cruel and always torture kids. Imagine how many kids would resent their stepmother after reading this story.
3) 12 Brothers: A King will murder all his 12 sons because he can’t decide whom to name as heir.
4) Alibaba: its ok to steal, especially from robbers. Its not cruel to pour hot oil into pot where the robbers are hiding, and instantly killing them.

Well, I still love the ‘live happily ever after’ ending of a fairytale; but I must agree that fairytales do lack morality and is violent… :)

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