My Sketches 20

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At the backyard of summer cottage, several years old young Scots pine plantlets are trying their best to grow during this time of the year. More

My Sketches 19

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It was Bolete mushrooms season. We found several Bolete mushrooms during our walk after World Cup first matches (round of 16). This big orange Bolete was found near by a birch tree. More

My Sketches 18

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The Scots pine and birch forest by the lake (a long, long, long way to the lake from cottage). The pine tree’s trunk on the left is bit special. More

My Sketches 17

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I have a short vacation in a summer cottage together with friends. This is the time I can picked up my drawing pencils, put aside work related matters, set my mind free. More

My Shetches 16

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I believe this is a well which cover by a small building. This is part of scenes can be found in Herrankukkaro. More

My Sketches 15

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I was attending a scientific meeting in Herrankukkaro. The world’s biggest smoke sauna was really great, swam in Baltic sea after sauna even better! I really like it! More

My sketches 14

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I do science, plant science and plant bioinformatics. This sketch is my micropipettes in my laboratory. More

Merry Christmas

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Wishing you all have a happy, peaceful Christmas. Merry Christmas. 祝大家有一个快乐祥和的圣诞节。圣诞快乐。

My sketches 13

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Attended a Scientific conference at this Hotel, LO-Skolen. The interior, exterior and surrounding of this hotel are great. This sketch (pencil+charcoal) is an old building, the first bungalow built in that area by a rich man. More

My sketches 12

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I attended a Scientific conference in Helsingør, Denmark. This sketch (pencil+charcoal) was done in evenings after a full days of programmes. The Sweden can be seen from the cost. More

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