My sketches 27

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Drew this while I was fighting sinus infection. It was an unintentional art work. The outcome was a surprise to me. More

My sketches 26

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The sunrise in Winter. The sunrise colour warmed the cold and dead winter. More

Gong Xi Fa Cai

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So busy this year! Almost forgot to upload a greeting post here. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Happy New Year!!!

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May 2015 is free of disasters and wars!

Season’s greeting! Hyvää Joulua!

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After have been busying for last several months (really busy), finally, I have time to make at least one e-card. Wishing you have a good time for this festival and holiday season.

My Sketches 25

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More Bolete mushrooms were found. This drawing was a mixed of water colour and pencil. The output was a bit out of my expected. More

My Sketches 24

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I like go to swim in the lake or sea after sauna and back to sauna again for several times. But, it was a long, long, long way to the lake after sauna at this summer cottage. However, I did average 4 times went back and forth sauna-lake daily during my short vacation. More

My Sketches 23

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Found more Bolete mushrooms during after dinner walk. More

My Sketches 22

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There are several crop fields not far away from summer cottage. The view of the crop field is beautiful especially when the weather was nice! More

My Sketches 21

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This is the summer cottage I stayed during my short vacation. More

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