When come to end of the year

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Sometimes, I wonder can I get through my home town airport’s customs if I brought these fireworks home? Frankly, the fireworks sale for New Year celebration here is very attractive! However, it is expensive too More

Picking wild strawberries

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My summer berries picking activity started with wild strawberries. All right, I admit, it was not that wild because they were growing in the green house’s field for the basic science research. My colleagues and I were picking these wild strawberries there. These wild strawberries are parents to the cultivar strawberries in the market. I myself particularly like the white wild strawberries most! More

Badminton racquet backpack Yonex BAG8200EX

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I have been looking for the badminton racquet backpack for a while. I did have my thought on these models, Yonex BAG7122EX and Yonex BAG7912EX early, however, I can’t find the right supplier. At last, I bought this Yonex backpack BAG8200EX. Before I bought this backpack, I found there are extremely few reviews or pictures regarding badminton racquet backpack on internet, therefore, I would like to share some pictures of this backpack I bought. More

Summer, summer, summer

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:smile: :smile: It is summer now. The length of the day is 19 hours and increasing. Pretty of sunlight for outdoor activities or reading in the evening under evening sun. Please stay longer, summer.

Walking on the frozen sea

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I have the thought to walk on the frozen sea for years, but, I was lazy. Finally, I made it on last weekend. It was a sunny day, but, so windy when I walked on the frozen sea together with my wife. Sharing several photos I snapped during our walk. More

May day celebration


Celebration for 1st of May is a bit different here. During the eve, students will gathered in city centre in late afternoon. At 6:00p.m. present or previous graduated students will put their white hat on for the whole evening and also 1st of May. You will see many students and families picnic or partying in parks to celebrate the May Day or Vappu in Finnish. Friend of mine was a bit surprised with this kind of celebration. The event celebration is more like a family activity day. Yes, it is indeed. More

Snow scene 02

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Weather of last week was freezing cold. It was -16 to 18°C during weekdays and -20°C during weekend. Yet, after foggy evening in last weekend, branches of trees are cover with a layer of snow make an amazing beautiful snow scenery. Local say this scenery is rare and it might happened once in decade. Sharing with you the scenery. More

Snow scene

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December 2008 was the coolest December here since last recorded in 2002. The heavy snowfall since December 2008 made the neighbourhood looks white on the ground and remaining until now. Snow still fall every now and then, the weather is below zero from last December and believe will remains for the whole Winter. When the sun shines, the snow scene is really beautiful to enjoy. Sharing some pictures I have taken with all of you. Happy New Year. More

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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Wishing all of you Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May your dreams come true and healthy life! Hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta voutta! More

Feeding birds

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I decided to feed birds around neighbourhood at our balcony. It is fun and nice to watch them come for the food. So far, great tit is the “frequent visitor”.

Later, More

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