My Shetches 16

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I believe this is a well which cover by a small building. This is part of scenes can be found in Herrankukkaro. More

My Sketches 15

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I was attending a scientific meeting in Herrankukkaro. The world’s biggest smoke sauna was really great, swam in Baltic sea after sauna even better! I really like it! More

Seminar on a cruise



On Wednesday 22 Nov 2006, I attended Annual Systems Biology Research Program organized by Turku Centre for Biotechnology on Viking Line cruise. This was my second times attended the System Biology Research Program seminar on the cruise. We on board M/S Amorella at Turku harbour. Later, we changed to the other ship, M/S Isabella at Mariehamn harbour, Ã…land and ahead back to Turku harbour. After changed to M/S Isabella, we have Viking buffet there. I have delicious meals ^-^

A trip to Archipelago of Finland

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source: Archipelago of Finland

We have a field trip to Hilappajärvi Lake at Kustavi, the northern part of the Archipelago of Finland this morning. Leaving from BioCity, Turku and took us about 45-50 minutes drive to arrive the jetty at Kivimaa. The lake is at the other island and the island is connects by a yellow ferry. A couple minutes of waiting, the yellow ferry arrived. Our journey continued when the yellow ferry arrived at the jetty of Vartsala. With my supervisor car GPS help finally we found the lake. One of my colleagues jumped (actually just walk only) into the lake and start hunting for his project’s sample, Lake Quillwort. What we were doing?


Seminar on a cruise at the world’s largest archipelago

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On 22 Nov 2005, I attended seminar organized by Turku Centre for Biotechnology (the place where I work) on a cruise,Viking Line. This was my first time attended seminar on the cruise. We on board Amorella from Turku harbour to Mariehamn harbour, Ã…land. Then, we changed to the other ship, Isabella at the Mariehamn harbour back to Turku harbour. The whole journey took about 13 hours. When I’m in the auditorium room (Deck 10, the highest level of the ship) I can felt the ship was shaking (correct me if I’m using wrong description) because of the waves……


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