My sketches 13

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Attended a Scientific conference at this Hotel, LO-Skolen. The interior, exterior and surrounding of this hotel are great. This sketch (pencil+charcoal) is an old building, the first bungalow built in that area by a rich man. More

My sketches 12

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I attended a Scientific conference in Helsingør, Denmark. This sketch (pencil+charcoal) was done in evenings after a full days of programmes. The Sweden can be seen from the cost. More

Visiting Umeå

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Umeå, a small city in far north of Sweden. I never have a thought to visit this city because the flight ticket is rather expensive than fly to Stockholm. However, I did pay the city a visit this summer due to my wife was there for her work. More

Salzburg old town

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It was a raining day during our visit in Salzburg old town. The temperature was chilling and slightly windy. Luckily, the rain did not last long but the sky was cloudy after all.

We decided to buy the Salzburg card which valid for 24 hours in order to save certain amount of admission fees. The famous sightseeing in old town is the birthplace of Mozart. More

Hallstatt, Austria

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I thought the journey to Lake Königssee and Obersee was complicated, but, the journey to Hallstatt even much complicated! We took bus at the bus stop opposite of our hotel to the Central railway station, then, we took train to Hallstatt station. Next, we changed to a ferry to the Hallstatt. Huuuu, finally we arrived at the Hallstatt. More

Lake Königssee and Obersee 03

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If you notice one of the pictures, there is a red cross at the cliff, Falkensteiner Wand, which is a memorial for a boat accident in 1688. When the ship came near to the Echowand, the captain stopped the ship and the crew played a trumpet. The famous echo of Königssee can be heard at this point. The ship will stopped at the famous chapel of St.Bartholomä and the attached house which is a restaurant nowadays. The locals and tourists may stop by here or on board the ship for the journey to the last station, Salet (Lake Obersee). More

Lake Königssee and Obersee 02

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While we were waiting for our boat, we have a cup of coffee and ice-cream at a Café nearby the ticket counter. Unfortunately, we have bad impression with the café! The owner expected everyone there must or should able to speak German which is impossible. If that so, she should not have her business at famous tourist site. We have been waiting to pay for our drink and ice-cream but all workers were busy or no really bother much and rude compare to the waitress or waiters in Finland. More

Lake Königssee and Obersee

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Frankly speaking this trip was the best to me. The journey to there was a bit complicated. We left for Salzbug today and then took a bus from Salzburg Central Railway Station to the Lake Königssee. The train cabin we have to Salzburg was alike the cabin you can see in Harry Potter movie, isn’t it? Perhaps it is common in Germany but not in the place I’m staying. More

Neue Pinakothek and English Garden

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We spent whole morning in Deutsches Museum then headed to the Neue Pinakothek, Art gallery. We were given an audio guide device for our visit. This art gallery has a collection of 19th century, Romanticism to the Idealism art works. More

Deutsches Museum

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We visited the Deutsches Museum on the 3rd day of our stay in Munich. I would say the people in Munich were lucky to have such informative museum. It is a great place for school kids and even for undergraduate in universities. In addition, I think it is also a good place for the public to gain their general knowledge. More

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