I have been looking for the badminton racquet backpack for a while. I did have my thought on these models, Yonex BAG7122EX and Yonex BAG7912EX early, however, I can’t find the right supplier. At last, I bought this Yonex backpack BAG8200EX. Before I bought this backpack, I found there are extremely few reviews or pictures regarding badminton racquet backpack on internet, therefore, I would like to share some pictures of this backpack I bought.

The backpack itself has 3 compartments. In my opinion, the biggest compartment has big space for shoes, clothes, shower gears, as well as other stuff. The middle compartment can place 2 badminton racquet and 2 tubes of shuttlecocks perhaps more. The outer compartment has enough room for 500mL or more drinks. Besides, there is a pocket at the top front of backpack. This is a handy pocket for keys, wallet, mobile as well as small personal items.

I’m not a professional player, I would rather say I’m a partial skilled amateur player. Thus, this backpack is sufficient for my weekly badminton games. Hopefully this post is useful to you if you are looking for a badminton racquet backpack.

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