My impression of Munich

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Have you seen Train, a 2008 production about a group of US atletics who hitch a train ride in Eastern Europe but it turned out to be human organ harvesting train. More

Fairytales, good or bad?

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On the topic of fairytale… I had always love fairytale but I remember a comment made by my friend about fairytales. More

Romantic Road

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Sounds corny? Yeah, I thought so but too this place really exist. When I told people I’m going to Munich and Fussen, their first response were ‘Do you know there’s a Romantic Road there’ or ‘Are you going for the Romantic Road’. I was travelling then so I didn’t have the opportunity to surf net and dig more info about this ‘road’. More

Non-biological Twin


Does this word even exist? More

“I want to be a ‘Dai Hap’ when I grow up”

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I was watching the Master of TaiChi yesterday. Well, its not a new drama, but I thought I should just get it over with and free the disk space. I suddenly remember a conversation I had with this old friend at Baden Baden, Germany. More

Baden-Baden, Germany

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Baden Baden is located at southwestern Germany, near the Black Forest. Baden means bath or spa in German. Naturally this spa-heaven and the town is littered with many spa resorts. More

800 year old house


I would never dream that I get to live in a 800 year old house! Such buildings I visit as museum or palace or churches; but not as an accommodation. But I did and the house belongs to a couple at Steinbach, Baden-Wurttemberg region in Germany. More

Summer 2009 Journey

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I want to go everywhere yet I know I don’t have the money to do so. So I kept waiting and keep asking people about their travel itenaries. Finally, I give up… waiting! If I want to travel and see the world, I really need to step out of the house. More

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